VoIP and HTML5
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VoIP and HTML5

Many advancements are taking place concerning VoIP into HTML5. With Web Real-Time Communication or WebRTC, the API system can allow for P2P file sharing, voice calling and video chat without plugins. VoIP can allow for data and voice communications to run over a single network. But that is no longer a need as the VoIP system may now be implemented into an ERP system utilizing WebRTC.

Such advancements are important because instead of running on a single network, The communications can be web based which can also be in real time.

VOIP Cloud phone system

What this means is, through the use of WebRTC no plugins are needed. It is secure as the system is encrypted. Having this in place eliminates the need for a separate line for something such as a toll free number, because it can now be web based which has the potential to significantly reduces costs. There are no more needs for special applications or servers.

In addition, during communication by way of video chat, a user can also do any needed research at the same time on the web.

VOIP Conference system

This allows for more easement into situations where such multitasking is required. Also, if the user is not in the office and needs to utilize the system in a different location, the VoIP system can now be accessed while doing so. No changes to the service are needed. The systems can remain in tact with this added feature as a benefit if desired.

By utilizing HTML5 and voice over ip in these ways, it's easy to see why a business would want to incorporate this into any ERP system. This is very helpful for people who need to take their office on the road. Any internet connection can be used, and still securely managed by having these methods in place. There is no worry of disrupting or changing the VoIP to update and have these systems working.

If a user chooses, they could use both, having an actual office and also have the ability to take their work with them when needed; but if they did not want to have both, and chose to keep their office mobile, this allows the VoIP to remain like it was when it was on a single network. No one would be aware of such changes. Phone and fax numbers, as well as service providers could remain the same. All of these changes could be implemented into the ERP system, having an innovative productive and mobile work environment.

HTML5 and VoIP

With an ever changing world and things in general becoming more mobile, putting such methods in place are practical. In business, costs should be reduced whenever possible. Having this type of flexibility to take the VoIP and incorporate it into a mobile ERP system is cost effective and a practical update for any business.

There are many situations that can occur where having this would be necessary to complete the tasks effectively. The future of today's technology makes it more productive for the worker, the client, and the consumer.
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