What are Self Serve Beer Systems?
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What are Self Serve Beer Systems?

Serve serve beer systems ore one of the hottest latest additions to the bar industry, allowing customers an easy and convenient means of pouring their own drinks.

The logic runs that post-mix soft drink units have been around forever, so why not offer this with beer! While the odd pub purist may turn up their nose at this cutting edge technology, the fact is that it allows customers also to pour their pint perfect to their tastes. After all some people prefer larger heads on their beer than others - and indeed many continental beers really ought to be served this way in the first place.

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The Advantages Of Self Serve Beer Systems For Customers

There's many ways why self service beer systems are becoming so popular, and while we've touched on allowing people to pour their own 'perfect pint' is highly attractive, there's many more too.

Perhaps most obvious of all the definite 'wow' factor that comes with these means of dispensing a beer, as they are still very new and only just breaking onto the scene. Indeed pubs and bars that use these devices will often see it attracting many more customers than an actual service bar itself, should the destination still have this as an option. They're a great place to mingle and congregate, so obviously ideal for social groups - with the added competitive element of who can pour the best pint!

These style of self service beer units are referred to as 'point of sale' in the trade, as the customer serves themselves. However it's not the case of just making service speedier and more convenient, it also frees up time for servers to talk customers through the variety of their range - ensuring the customer gets a perfect match every time.

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The Advantages Of Self Service Beer Systems For Venues

The pub trade has rarely been especially innovative when it comes to ordering a drink, with either the service bar or seating table to be the place to order a round of drinks. These systems revolutionize the speed of service that allows venues to be able save considerably on their wage bills, while also maximizing speed and incoming revenue during busy peak times.

It's worth also mentioning that wastage in regards to accidental glass wear and beer itself is nearly eliminated - theirs much less going on behind the scenes, and is plenty of pubs bars have been taken out to make space for more tables and chairs (something never unpopular with customers).

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EPOS & Mobile Systems

Usually it's one of these two ways that customers actually par for the beer, with the transaction being completed in seconds via a touchscreen device. There some models that also allow for cash, but in the increasingly electronic world the majority will use one of these styles.

Essentially the customer can select the beer that they wish to serve themselves through a menu, that in many cases will also offer expert advice for those with more of a connoisseur style approach! This is great as it allows customers to instantly receive accurate and detailed advice when choosing their beer too.

All in all self service beer pumps are here to stay, so if you see one on your next visit to the local - don't forget to give it a spin!
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