What does ERP stand for?
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What does ERP stand for?

The full form of ERP is ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING and is a very common term used in respect to business, It is basically a software also called as the Business Management Software that manages business process where the software is so designed to take care and automates all the back office works with respect to either technology or human resource work or even services. The back office works can include planning of a particular project, manufacturing cycle details, sales and marketing graphs, and predictions, etc. all these work are done on a single platform.


ERP (ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANING) from the name itself it becomes clear -

a. ENTERPRISE means an organization or a company

b. RESOURCE means here in terms of raw materials used for manufacturing, customers, and employees in terms of services, marketing strategies in terms of technology.

c. PLANNING means organizing and step-wise execution of a set of steps to reach the final goal.When all the three terms are combined together it means the successful execution of the desired steps in terms of resources of an organization with the entire planning is done with the help of software what does not need to have different applications plugged in as all the applications come on the same platform where the data can be linked together from different departments and analysis can be made independently by the software itself on the basis of predetermined parameters.

What does ERP stand for?


ERP is a software that was basically created to lower the burden of human errors and get the result accuracy, usually in big organization it becomes a tedious task to maintain large data, and a lot of time is invested in meetings where the data are analyzed, predictions are made and then a final conclusions are carried out, to avoid this confusion and to have more accurate results ERP was created.

Enterprise Resource Planning is an integrated application that help is getting updated views of the main and important business processes. So, in short, it can be said that the ERP software exists in the corporate world because of –

A. It makes a better analysis of data.
B. Because of better analysis, the outcomes are better-causing profit to the organization.
C. Less human error.

Enterprise Resource Planning


ERP is important from the prospect of business because in the large organizations there are many activities going on at a time. To deal with all the activities in a integrated way the software is used and this software shows a comprehensive view of all the fields, for example it will show the stock in the warehouse of the raw materials and what raw material need to be purchased what is the production output and what stock is ready to be shipped what are the pending orders, how much more production is needed and much more. The importance of ERP for a business is as follows -

A. It saves money on man force, wastage of material and resources.
B. It is effective in giving a better analysis.
C. Collaboration is better which means all departments can share their data easily.
D. Better production due to the real-time idea of the scenario.
Enterprise Resource Planning
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