What is a Gastropub?
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What is a Gastropub?

The great public house, colloquially shortened to pub or bar in current times, has a long and fascinating history. Today found in countries across the globe, the term it's self is thought to originate from the British Isles, with their classic thatch-beamed style being perhaps the most synonymous style.

Here we'll take at the various styles and characters to be found modern pubs, and also examine the great growth in food orientated Gastropubs in recent years.

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What's The Difference Between A Pub And A Bar

Given the sheer quantity and scope in styles of pubs it's impossible to be overly specific when considering pubs, however as a general rule pubs tend to be cask beer focused businesses housed in quirkier and often older buildings. Bars on the other hand may well offer a wider variety of spirits, wines and cocktails - often appealing to a slightly younger customer.

Music is often central to a pub or bars appeal, offering a convial destination for musicians to play to an often relaxed and merry crowd. Whatever their character, both are often central to the social life of their area.

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So - Onto Gastropubs

A trend that has only really around for the last thirty years or so, Gastropubs are as mentioned above very food oriented while also offering an often excellent drinks selection too. This makes them popular especially with not just groups of drinkers, but also families and perhaps more refined customers who are willing to pay the moderately higher prices.

Retaining the appeal of the classic pub while also offering restaurant standard meals has seen a huge expansion in the Gastropub style, especially considering that many older pubs have closed - which while a pity, also allows for more attractive pubs to take this direction.

Menus almost always are likely to offer a wide range of local produce and meals, made in-house rather than purchased wholesale. Likewise drinks will be high quality with a very regional style depending upon the style of beverage.
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