What is Big Data?
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What is Big Data?

Big data can be described as massive amounts of information that are computer based, which require a great deal of storage to contain on an extremely large scale. In order to consider one has big data, the following outline would act as a point of identifying, think the 5 V's ... these would include:


The amount of data and how big it is.


What kind of data it is, media, files, pictures, etc.

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How fast that data is created.


Knowing where the problems are with the data.


What quality the data has within it.

If all the above are applicable to the user, that user has what would be known as big data. Having such data becomes then a great responsibility. The reason for this is because there is very important information within that not only must be stored but also protected.

ERP systems have such data, and as a result require systems such as the could to contain them. The cloud must be secured as well because on large scales such as these, it is very valuable information.

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Who would have big data would likely be large companies or businesses that over time, compile a great deal of data through systems such as ERP. It is important to them because they not only need to store it safely on something like a secured cloud, but they also have to be able to locate this information when they need it.

Organizations would also be a large contributor to big data. Its important to note that such data is not only used in a contained environment such as a business, but also by the general public. In that sense, everyone has access to some type of big data, in one way or another. It is for these reasons that it should be treated carefully and properly.
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