What is Enterprise facilities management?
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What is Enterprise facilities management?

Enterprise facilities management is the fusion of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and facilities management systems into one system that is effective in ensuring the smooth operation of your business. You are able to plan for all your resources and manage the facilities housing your business are also monitored by the same system.

This nullifies the need to have two or more independent systems doing this job. You will therefore need fewer staff members and things can be done faster and more efficiently. You will get more return on investment since everything can be monitored from one place and corrections made as necessary hence saving time for you and your staff members.

An enterprise facilities management system will aid you manage all the data and information about the building systems, their use and so on. The economy associated with having such systems in place can be determined and subsequently the profitability.

Some areas that Enterprise Facilities Management is concerned with:

Enterprise Facilities Management

Energy usage

All automated energy usage is monitored with an enterprise facilities management system. Your lighting and heating systems are monitored so that you have the most efficient in place. Any misuses can also be noted so you can take corrective measures. All equipment used is monitored and its energy consumption noted.

Technical services of the building

From the electricity to the water to the janitorial services, everything is monitored and controlled from one system. You get quality technical services, all whose expenses are easily monitored.


The security of your business premise is of great importance. Having an automated security system s great but it needs to be monitored and the conditions checked often. An enterprise facilities management system integrates this role perfectly. This way your security can be given as much importance as your other business operations.

Occupant soft services

The people occupying your business premise will have all their data in one place making it easy to keep tabs on who is working where among other details. You can

The larger corporations use Enterprise Facilities Management as a means of keeping costs down. They are able to keep the companys finances in one place. This helps with eliminating true costs for project management. The risk is reduced and reliability is improved 100%. The fact that solutions are customised to suit the projects needs makes it an even better way to manage the facilities operating systems.

Facilities Management Software


When it comes to meeting your goals and not having to worry about excess cost it is always wise to keep your finance located in one place. That helps prevent variables in contracts and maintenance costs as well. It is best to maintain fixed maintenance costs so there are no surprising changes. The management team keeps the finance together for you so you can have it readily accessible at your fingertips. It is always best to know where you stand when running a business and not have to wait for an answer when it comes to finance.

Stock Management

Every organisation needs to understand the costs and how their stocks are being managed. The ability to set up low stock alerts and assign stock to work projects is vital in keeping cost low. It is not always easy to keep things running as smoothly as management wishes. That is why it is best to use the services of a management facilities team. They offer you this service which reduces the risk, will improve reliability, and give you information that you need for expertise in making decisions. The operations and maintenance services helps you with all your projects. It opens the doorway to strategic supply sourcing. Supply and demand is usually the basis of all business ventures. That is why it is best to have a good management team to keep you updated on both.

Customer Management

When you use the services of Enterprise Resource Planning it will help you to gain the information needed on your customer base. It is wise to be able to know just what you have in customers and how to increase that customer base. Depending on the type of operations you are running will help the management team to help you know your market base and how it is flowing. This is essential in the increasing of your customers. There are advisers who are able to help with just about any part of your business so that you are able to keep all information in one place for easy accessibility. That is very important in any business.

Facilities Management Systems

also be able to manage the resources you have and how to allocate each department.

Why an enterprise facilities management system is a good idea

With this, all your facilities and building systems will be easy to manage from one place. With these being linked to other aspects of your enterprise, you will be able to create a link between every single entity that makes your enterprise up. With such a high degree of connectivity you can e able to monitor all activities.

You can easily generate reports that are comprehensive without having to compare information from various systems. The reports you will get will be more comprehensive and from these you can make vital decisions. The parts pulling you down can be improved and the environment can be made safer and more useful to those who operate in it.

If you are looking to save the cost and effort you use in running your business then this is it. An enterprise facilities management system has all your management needs catered for. From the people to the areas they operate in to the things they operate with, this system will keep track of it all.
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