What is ERP architecture?
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What is ERP architecture?

When explaining ERP architecture one must understand what ERP systems are comprised of in terms of their structure. The server may be centralized, however, many users are in multiple locations in order to utilize the ERP systems. This ERP architecture is thus on that server maintaining applications and databases at the same time.

This is how ERP architecture can be understood. Enterprise Resource Planning systems are intended to utilize several applications, as well as any data contained within. The ERP systems can be understood in that, there are systems known as two-tiered and three-tiered. Two-tiered systems are working two ERP systems; corporate and division.

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This two-tiered system is separate, allowing for two different ERP systems operating separately. Three-tiered systems are where the client is also in utilization of ERP as well. Understanding this is not complicated when considered carefully.

There are different levels of access between these ERP 'levels'. One level may have different access than another level, which creates the two and three-tiered systems within what would be considered as the entirety of the system.

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For example, A client will not have access to all companies information, that do not pertain to them. As well, corporate will not have the same ERP system as division would. This dividing of levels between these users are known as what the ERP architecture is ultimately comprised of.

Such division is necessary, for there has to be boundaries between levels for the system to operate effectively. Another example would be this; an employee is not going to have the same access to the system as a manager, just as the manger will not have the same access as a CEO would. This is how the levels are established. By considering examples such as these, ERP architecture can be better understood, and implemented. This is how ERP architecture would be defined.
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