What is ERP BSNL?
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What is ERP BSNL?

Every progressive organization has adopted the use of Enterprise Resource Planning software to help them integrate all of their business functions. With ERP software, the business intellect of an organization is greatly improved, helping them to better handle their staff, customers and suppliers alike which translates to business profit. BSNL is an Indian Telecom giant with its Headquarters in New Delhi, India.

This state-owned company like every progressive organization has adopted the use of ERP software in the handling of its day-to-day activities. Founded on September 15, 2000, this telephony company is now ranked fifth in India among mobile telephony providers.With its footprints almost in all parts of India, there came the need for BSNL to better manage all of their business functions effectively. BSNL, which is Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited in full, had a customer base of about 93.29 million as at June 2015. The purpose of BSNL using ERP for their solutions are as follows:


With offices in almost all of the states in India, there is the need for work co-ordination among all the offices. Without the use of erp bsnl, the traditional method of having everything on paper would be so cumbersome and time wasting. This large telecom giant has achieved the purpose of having less paperwork between the offices without losing the much needed co-ordination between them.


Now all the various departments can store their data on the central database which in turn can be readily accessed by other departments that require the data in order to perform their own functions. This has aided co-ordination. An instance is the customer care center storing the feedback received from customers on the central database. This feedback can now be accessed by the management for example to help them design services that will interest their customers.


With the reduction in the use of paperwork, BSNL reduced the amount they spend on the purchase of paper. This is just an example of how cost was reduced by BSNL with the use of ERP software. The purpose of using ERP BNSL to reduce cost was achieved as the organization now spent less to courier documents since the central database stores almost every information required by each department.


With a central database, the flow of information became easier and quicker. There was no longer the need to call a department to provide a certain information and remain idle until the requested information is provided.This time lag of information flow was removed with the use of ERP making the purpose of the software to be achieved to the satisfaction of BSNL management.



How to make labor effective is one aspect of good management. This purpose was achieved with the use of ERP as the time lag that used to exist between requesting for some information and receiving it was reduced. A staff no longer has an idle time due to lack of information to work with. Also, the ease of accessing any information needed directly from the database also meant that management had no need to employ more hands for courier services. This in turn is reduced cost for BSNL that will help in shoring up their profit.


Productivity at BSNL improved which reflected in their customer service delivery. If a customer called the customer care center to lodge a complaint for instance; the customer is sure to have the complaint resolved because the department that will resolve the issue works on it immediately. The department could work on it because they have easy access to the specific data.

Many benefits have been derived with the use of ERP for many companies not just BSNL, with the size of this Indian telecom giant would have cost them more if they had depended solely on using paperwork to do their transactions. However, by integrating all of their business functions with the use of ERP; they have reduced cost, improved co-ordination among their offices, improved labor, enhanced productivity, and made the flow of information quite easy.
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