What is hotel rate management?
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What is hotel rate management?

Unless you are a large or chain hotel, it is very unlikely that you will have a revenue or rooms division manager. As the number of distribution channels grows, the Front Office manager could well be burdened with a whole manual management of uploading rooms and rates to various channels, monitoring sales, managing bookings and more.

When your front office manager is on leave, or over the weekend, your distribution system goes virtually monitored. This is when errors are most likely to creep in, leading to a dip in customer satisfaction. This is when; you should have a channel manager that is seamlessly integrated with your hotel's property management system or Hotel ERP.

Hotel Rate System

If your hotel management system and channel manager are integrated, your hotel can

Can have a fully automated real-time distribution system

Automate your booking delivery from leading channels with two way connect

Real time inventory update across all distribution channels to increase room occupancy with no errors

Hotel staff has a single application to manage and can thus distribution rooms faster, review channels that deliver bookings and leverage those to the maximum

Reduce manual effort for your staff to update rates, inventory etc

Enhance the credibility of your hotel brand and guest satisfaction

Integration of Hotel ERP and Channel Manager

ERP Rate System

ERP has been seamlessly integrated with intelligent and real-time hotel channel manager. This intelligent distribution system serves as a single application for hotels to manage all channels. Hotels across all market segments can maximise bookings to grow revenue while reducing distribution costs.

More about ERP Next's Channel Manager

ERP suite integrates with connects to 800 plus channels including online travel agents (OTA), tour operators and wholesalers. Some of the prominent OTA Channels.

ERP channel management software also supports all room types and rate plans, restrictions including minimum length of stay (MLOS), Cut-off, closed to arrival (CTA), Closed to departure (CTD), open and close policies including child based pricing, meal plans, all rate types, allocations, free sell and last room availability. All these options can be managed simultaneously and easily.

Hotel Rate Software

Users also have the opportunity to control room pricing and availability from a single source. Another unique feature of the hotel channel manager is that the real-time aspect reduces inventory across sites when a booking is made on any channel. This allows for accuracy and hotel management can access this data at all times. The channel manager also supports reservations including modifications, cancellations and re-booking.

ERP hotel management has integrated a channel manager to enable hoteliers to leverage technology, work smarter and raise the bar on guest satisfaction.
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