What is SCM?
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What is SCM?

How an ERP System can improve your businesss Supply Chain Management

A supply chain is a complex system of physical, financial, and human resources involved when a business or a corporation moves a product or a service from the supplier to the consumer. This chain represents the collective effort that these resources exert in order to ensure that the product reaches the customer.

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There are a lot of businesses that overlook the importance of properly managing its supply chain. Most of them only focus on the resources and processes that they have direct contact with those which are within their offices or factories. Since they fail to monitor, to understand, and to manage the chain of processes that their products undergo, they are left with an unsuccessful and unproductive supply chain.

Supply chain management (SCM) is the dynamic management of a business supply chain. It aims to effectively and efficiently manage the resources and organisations involve in the supply chain in order to maximise customer value, in order to be more productive, and in order to be more sustainable. It aims to effectively control the flow and movement of physical goods and of business information.

In order to achieve a competent SCM, the business should be able to efficiently interact with the organisations that comprise their supply chain. In order to achieve this, an integration of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System is highly recommended.
Here are some reasons why a business should employ an ERP system:

Supply Chain Management

Firstly, since ERP systems allows real-time communication across the multiple firms and departments within the supply chain, it enables real-time monitoring of stocks and inventories. Consequently, the business is able to keep up with its production demands.

Moreover, excellent ERP software applications also offer a more well-organised procurement and management of goods and services vital to the supply chain. From the obtaining of raw materials to production, to transport and delivery, ERP systems provide encompassing monitoring and management of all the areas of the supply chain.

Superior ERP systems also generate reports which are essential to business owners because they can compare the actual activity and execution done with the business target goals. ERP systems provide exceptional data analysis which are critical to be able to determine problematic areas within the supply chain. This enables business owners to address and resolve such problems.
Lastly, an effective ERP system improves the business? overall revenue.

What is SCM

The ERPs automation of the supply chains workflow and processes reduces the overall operational costs. One need not hire several personnel to run and manage business operations since the ERP System can handle it already. It also enables business owner to address customer issues; thus, improving the business? customer service and increasing its capacity for customer retention and its chance for repeat business prospects.

So if you wish to guarantee your visibility and control over your business operations; if you wish to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your SCM; if you wish to improve your supply chains flexibility in order to meet the needs of your clients; and, if you wish to cut costs and increase your revenue without compromising the quality of your operations; then a superior and an excellent ERP is the answer you seek.
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