Who can see my documents?
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Who can see my documents?

When it comes to the privacy of your documents, you are going to want to make sure that only the right people have access to them. The CAFM Doc Manager is going to let you upload all of your important documents and store them on CAFM, so it is necessary that the privacy and permissions set for who will be able to view these are clear and easily managed.

Documents File Manager

Since you are the Permissions Licence Holder, it is down to you to decide which other internal users, as well as external suppliers, can view and download particular documents, as well as when they can do so. As for the rest of the users, they will only be able to see the selected documents from the CAFM Doc Manager, as long as you are sharing that document with them, or if you attach it to public events or email it to the external suppliers and or customers.

System files in CAFM

Not only is the CAFM File Manager one of the most unique, industry changing products around, but it is also extremely safe, very secure, and as with all of the CAFM Systems, it gives you full flexibility and control.
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