My ERP system feels slow and I keep seeing loading animations?
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My ERP system feels slow and I keep seeing loading animations?

ERP FM has been designed to be seamless, but at the end and start of the day the system requires a web connection and sadly network congestion can happen from your ISP or on the rare occasion from the hosting ISP which can cause a slowdown.

At time of writing the delay until we show loading animations is 350ms but that can be adjusted, the average constant connection time with an ERPFM system is a call every 750ms.

Latency is an issue

We place servers close to your physical location to reduce latency, for example if you are based in Cambridge England we would place your in London which would give you a response of about 40ms making your actions within our Enterprise Resource Planning system seamless to your eye and enable a better workflow throughout the day.

ERP system latency

At ERP FM we take additional steps in anonymously monitoring your system latency times so that we can deliver the best experience, in the event we notice users experiencing an increase in lag we will make the steps to correct this by either moving your server (which takes seconds with our setup process) or addressing with you your Internet Service Providers role in under-performing.

To underline, we take many steps to make each stimulation and response process less than 100ms, in most locations we can record 30ms response times, it is important that you connect with us should you feel that you?re having a sluggish experience so we can take the steps to rectify and advise on that position.
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