Working of audit trails in an ERP
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Working of audit trails in an ERP

Working of audit trails in an ERP setting can associate audit trails in a general sense that it is a documented history transaction either electronic or paper works preserved for future reference. Audit trails form a major part of a company's accounting system and database management systems with one being able to easily figure out that presence of reliable and easy to follow audits shows the good internal controls setup by any respective firms.

Audit trails are created by a process in which normal users fall under the restrictions and are not allowed to access the documented data and instead are supervised for all their previous actions. It helps maintain privacy and keeps an account of the useful data frequently required by the company for future reference in order to keep a check on network resource, with this showing that it definitely needs a group of dedicated and professionals to handle this for the company. This increasing need of the company in the competitive business market is certainly satisfied by enterprise resource planning.

Audit Trails ERP

ERP basically stands for enterprise resource planning ERP in simple words a business process management software that eases the management in big firms and helps retain data. It helps the firms to which gives organization an opportunity to use a number of integrated modules in a single software corresponding to the needs and requirements of the companies.

Instead of using multiple number of modules it makes the task easier and efficient by combining it in a single software to enhance and cater to the needs. ERP software includes other modules too like product planning, development. They are extensively used in large businesses. This application or software may be installed in both big and small businesses alike. But in big firms in addition it requires a group of really able and skilled team members to handle upgrades and deployment.

Common ERP modules are finance and HR, inventory control, distribution. According to the need of the company ERP can be designed and classified as small and large. As the popularity of ERP's have significantly increased it has compelled business managers yo implement ERP into other business activities too. If we have a look on the classification, it can be classified it two ways one by it's technological advancement and one by it's size. The first one may be divided into four broad categories namely mobile ERP, cloud, two tier and social ERP's.

Audit Trails

Due to the shortage of time and easy accessibility mobile ERP has become the first choice for managers across the globe followed by social two tier and cloud.classification done on the basis of size may be small market ERP, mid market ERP, and large market ERP's.

After exactly knowing about audit trails and ERP we may conclude that ERP is a support system to the audit trails functionality which ensures that changes in transaction and databases are authorized and processed properly. To keep track of the operations the task of auditing is handles by the provision of module named audit trail in ERP.

One could learn this auditing by using many other available audit trail modules like Tally ERP 9 audit trail or an open ERP. Depending on the requirements and feasibility of the company.

Working of audit trails in an ERP

A lot of precautions are to be taken while using auditing software. To use it safely one needs to audit vendor addresses are changed so that ther is no money or cash is transferred illegitimately. Audit trail data is mainly saved and is retained for future refernces if a strong retention policy is not developed the company will suffer nothing but loss.

You can conclude that ERP's are a set of integrated modules which may contain audit trails according to the company's need. It only helps to control the system office work through an integrated system with a solitary control.The central user control helps big firms to use different modules in a single software.
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