Advantages of SMS Based Alert Systems In Business
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Advantages of SMS Based Alert Systems In Business

These days, business communication is a necessary tool to not only be efficient and successful. A small company of 100 employees spends an average of $500,000 yearly on communication. If a company wants to notify employees of a mandatory meeting they could spend hours contacting each person to inform them of the event.

A solution is sms alerts. SMS stands for Short Message Service and allows businesses to send a message up to 320 characters to another device. Using an emergency alert system saves times and money.

Research shows that 95 percent of text messages are read within an hour of receiving it. In addition, over 7,500 organizations have a SMS alert system with text messaging capabilities. Here are some advantages to using this system.

sms systems

Using sms alerts allows businesses to send out notifications using current technology that operates in the cloud, so users can send information anytime and anywhere. There are no apps to download or software to install. The services allows information to be accessed easily from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can instantly connect with employees, regardless of where they are. 80 percent of smartphone users use their phone to coordinate meetings.

The sms alert system is capable of transmitting messages by using email, text message, voicemail, or a combination of the three. Text alerts are most commonly used to update employees of changes very quickly. It is easy to set up a subscriber list. Each subscriber can select how an alert is received and they can even update their own personal information.

SMS systems in ERP

The alert system allows scheduling of specific messages to be sent at specific times. This is a flexible, convenient way to send reminders out and not have to worry. Most text alert companies provide a phone number for sending out text messages which guarantees privacy. In addition, they offer discounts on chosen plans which ensures that businesses save money.

It is the perfect solution for businesses small and large. It works as an emergency notification by making employees aware of office closings, outages, and company news. It can also update them on meeting changes, events, as well as time sensitive information.

With a simple mobile text message, staff is informed of network outages or other technical issues. Sports leagues and schools can also benefit from SMS alerts, by notifying parents of game cancellations, updates, and schedule changes.

Text messaging systems

Nearly everyone has a smartphone, so companies do not have to choose between calls or texts. They can both be delivered instantly, according to the employees? preference of phone call, text, or email. Messages can even be sent simultaneously to social media. This further extends reach and saves time.

As people are inundated with so much information these days, mobile notification is an efficient tool to get messages delivered fast. These alert systems enable you to send a message to a specific group, list of contacts, or one individual. Recipients only receive pertinent information which reduces the chance of it being missed or overlooked.
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