Asset Tracking in a Nutshell
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Asset Tracking in a Nutshell

When it comes to running a business effectively the ability to use asset tracking properly could certainly offer advantages compared to not having any system in place at all. Technological advances that ERP:FM have made with the combination of HTML5 and Javascript make it much easier for companies to keep an accurate check on their assets within their facilities management geography tree.

Asset management in ERPFM

Potentially failing to keep track of assets will cost companies thousands if not millions of dollars in lost revenue or unnecessary replacement costs. However, solutions like that which ERPFM provide with items such as barcode scanners, unlimited hardware combination all of which that can be linked to GPS systems can keep a precise record of any asset's location. The technology that were offering and actively providing to existing customers needed to keep track of all said companies' assets and stock is comparatively inexpensive when compared to having to replace all lost or stolen assets. Companies that lack such tracking equipment should invest in some as quickly as possible.

The vast majority of goods for sale these days, stock and assets, have barcodes so it makes a great deal of sense to use programs that can keep a trace of assets that are fitted with them.

Asset management in a nutshell

To use this method of asset tracking barcodes items, need to be scanned into a computer or through a till if they are sold as part of stock in store or sold online and dispatched from a warehouse. Scanning the barcode labels or using NFC tags as a solid tracking of how the movement of items is logged, the implementation of the procedure when coupled with requirements makes for a much more compact work environment.

Using tags attached to assets, whether NFC or barcodes, that are linked up to GPS or RFID technology via the ERPFM geography tree provide even more accurate information with regard to the physical location of items than scanning barcode labels. It is straightforward to have the tags signal the location of the assets they are attached to your tracking components within ERP:FM.
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