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Backup Solutions

Most of you will have become familiar with the way a system will backup but we have decided to run our backup system in a slightly different way. Our different pattern sees the systems being constantly backed up, including all of you database information and your files. In order to make sure that your backup is always up to date, we run things so that we take a snapshot every 60 seconds.

Should you find your system running into an issue, the server will take it upon itself to run a robust cycle, which will make sure that your installation is moved as a carbon copy to a different location. Since we always have these backups available, this effort is constant and ever-evolving.

If you are worried that you do not have the technical know how to get this done, do not worry, as you do not need to have any understanding of this at all. In actual fact, our desire is to make it so that, if you ever did have an issue, you would not actual even know there ever was one, since it is all taken care of. This is all included into the core cost of the service.
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