Benefits of Computer-Aided Facilities Management
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Benefits of Computer-Aided Facilities Management

Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) supports facility management with the use of information technology. Software and various systems help facility managers reduce office moves and re-allocations, plan preventative maintenance, and streamline processes.

Information from software also improves long term planning of real estate, space and facilities maintenance, as well as service requirements against budgets to ensure business needs are aligned.

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CAFM software allows facility managers to plan and execute the activities involved in move management, asset management, operational facility services, and handling customer requests. A CAFM system can ultimately allow managers to improve long term planning. Traditional systems are operated from multiple technology platforms and can integrate with CAD drawings. This is a very helpful feature.

Common features include systems that give information on descriptions of physical space and floor plans. These tools can provide helpful equipment locations for facilities that need to hold valuable business assets, such as machinery. CAFM can use databases and visual modeling tools, as well as geographic information systems. Leaders and managers can gain a unique view of a single building or facility.

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In addition to physical tools, CAFM systems can be included in with auditing resources. For example, planners can utilize these tools to evaluate depreciation of a building for tax purposes. CAFM offers a wide-range of solutions so that multiple physical locations can be tracked.

Some benefits are more important to a company than others. Nonetheless, there are several benefits available through these systems. The benefits of using a CAFM are that it's a cost effective way to manage inventory, there is a support for individual projects, and these systems are valuable when upgrading the quality of information that managers will use to make decisions. With CAFM, facilities manages are more prepared and can justify their budgets.
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