Benefits of Custom Software for Business
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Benefits of Custom Software for Business

When it comes to choosing software, businesses face the dilemma of choosing an off-shelf product or invest in a custom-designed software package. Custom packages allow flexibility and for it to perform very specific tasks. Every business has different needs, so it could be challenging to accommodate those specific tasks, this is where CAFM can enter your requirement for the perfect fit.

CAFm can quickly customize your software

The following are some advantages of custom software:

Tailor Made

One of the most important benefits of customer software is the ability to have it tailored to specific needs. It is not uncommon for businesses to purchase software that is not suitable for what they need. There is a guarantee that custom software fits the businesses' current needs and has the capability to expand due to growth or other changes, this is especially important in facility management.

Minimal Cost

It is a perception that developing custom software will be costly, but this is not always the case, especially with the way in which CAFM functions, bespoke requirements can be implemented quickly with NO SETUP cost, just a fee added to your monthly license fee. The benefits are more valuable than purchasing a product off the shelf. Our developers can tailor your requirement to your CAFM installation, this helps to save money; as additional equipment is not necessary.

Custom Facility Management Software


Businesses that need several programs can have the benefits of one custom software application baked into your CAFM installation. It can be designed to integrate different processes. This allows businesses to accomplish exactly what they need. In addition, it can be integrated with the installation that already exists.


A major benefit with custom-designed software is a reliable technical support plan, so all issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. With off the shelf software, the developer does not know your unique business needs and it is not a guarantee that they will always be in business. With custom-designed components from CAFM, it is maintained for as long as needed and only paid on a monthly so there is no costly set up costs.
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