Benefits of videoconferencing technology
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Benefits of videoconferencing technology

Videoconferencing technology allows two or more locations to communicate simultaneously, it's a live connection that can transmit full-motion video images and high-quality audio.

Videoconferencing has made a powerful impact in business, education, media, and even medicine over the past few decades, even more so in the last, this has allowed developers to find ways to expand capabilities for use with mobile devices that combine the use of video and audio.

videoconferencing via almost any device

Organizations that use videoconferencing are more likely to succeed than those that don't. They also understand the importance of collaboration and how it facilities their goals.

There are several advantages to remote business:

1) It reduces travel costs. The ability to be somewhere without leaving the office elevates productivity. Although face to face interaction can never be replaced, the availability and quality of video conferencing is the next best thing to being there. It also allows for remote employees to be a part of meetings and conferences.

2) It improves communication. With videoconferencing, you are able to be an integral part of the meeting which lends itself to effective collaboration. An otherwise expensive, time-consuming trip can be completed in minutes.

3) It increases productivity. Videoconferencing results in projects being completed faster and fewer misunderstandings. Questions can be asked and issues resolved, as opposed to going back and forth through email.

4) It provides a competitive advantage. Videoconferencing helps create and maintain a competitive advantage. It allows people to transfer knowledge faster and reduces time to bring new products and services to customers.

A point to point video system with modern technology such as that which ERP:FM deploy with the combination of browser and HTML5 allows the hardware to operates just like a phone system with each person having a video camera, microphone, and speakers setup and enabled via a request from the browser to share.

Enable video with HTML5

Multi-point videoconferencing allows more than two people to be in a virtual conference room and communicate, where once the cost for these systems used to be quite expensive it is now easily accessible and very affordable with a ERP FM rolled solution.

In terms of small businesses and self-employed professionals, videoconferencing can save money and increase communication which in turn raises income. Even though there are upfront costs, the return on investment is quick and studies have shown that driving one hour to a meeting uses the same electrical power as 1,000 hours of web conferencing. So, it's also good for the environment. Most British and Americans have expressed they'd like to telecommute and retaining those qualified, talented employees is valuable for the company so it can help eliminate or reduce the need for frequent travel.

Generally, consultants offer already invented software to clients but at ERP:FM we offer a bespoke solution baked in with VoIP that meets our clients needs with the ability to customize feature that can't be met by packaged software. Our video componenet is tailored to a company's requirements and functions how they want to operate making having video conferencing easy to implement into an existing system should you require it.

With ERPFM your bespoke application is specific to your company and not available to your competition giving you an immediate edge.
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