Big Data and Hadoop
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Big Data and Hadoop

Hadoop is a type of massive storage used to contain big data. Its open sourced software framework also runs several applications simultaneously, handling several tasks at once. Hadoop is helpful for web servers such as Apache2.

Linux users benefit greatly from such servers. Such frameworks are important, as all this information needs to be organized properly on the cloud itself. The importance of keeping big data in this way is of extreme importance because ERP systems require a great deal of different types of organization systems in order to run effectively and securely at the same time. Understanding this may at first seem complex, but is actually not. If one considers a basic computer system for example.

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That system may have first the computer. That's the hardware itself. Then there's the operating system. Then there's software. Then there's all the files that the software creates. All of it is contained together. Merging these systems together above is quite similar

They all have their own tasks to accomplish, and one cannot work properly without the other. So where does big data fit into all of this making it essential, in order to contain the big data, there needs to be framework to do it, and this is where Hadoop comes in. Its like a file folder to hold a large amount of files. These file folders are then placed into the cloud itself. Understanding big data and it's effectiveness for even a small business is essential.

Even small businesses may have this and require the usages of things such as Hadoop. It is important to understand these things as the need for more storage becomes greater. As a small business grows, so too does its need for big data. This is why big data is essential for small business. All of these essential systems must work together in order to succeed.
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