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CAFM and Explorer

Microsoft unveiled Internet Explorer 11 back in 2014. Recent research shows that Internet Explorer 11 is the most popular web browser in the world today, partly due to that it comes as default on the world?s most popular operating system, Windows, With CAFM we fully support Internet Explorer 10, 11 and Edge making CAFM and Explorer a potential option for your desktop usage.

CAFM Internet Explorer

Microsoft made an earnest effort to make significant improvements to their treasured browser with the recent upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 (now also known as Microsoft Edge). Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 performed exceptionally well in the past, but unfortunately, they presented a unique set of problems for users which made it the primary reason Microsoft offered intense and extended customer service to users of their software.

Previous Internet Explorer versions did not provide adequate security for internet browsers. Many cases surfaced where user?s personal information was compromised by hackers. For example, many online shoppers? credit card data was intercepted while shopping, incidents such as that pushed IT professionals and web developers to encourage users to use another browser for their shopping and browsing endeavors. Security experts, IT professionals, and professional web developers continue to discourage people from using older versions of Explorer which is something which we at CAFM actively do as well.

Explorer and Computer-aided Facility Management

Improved Security with CAFM and Explorer

Security is one big feature people expect to get from a web browser, Explorer excels in the latest versions for it when it comes to delivering exceptional security, but only if everything is kept up to date. Internet Explorer has undergone major maintenance improvements over time. Microsoft was interested in providing space and quality features in their latest browser.

Support for not preference ?

Although this article is geared towards putting the message across that we support CAFM and Explorer hand in hand, we do not recommend it as the primary choice, of all the browsers on the market today, we would recommend Google Chrome as your first choice, it comes second to none, provides the stability and security that you would expect, desire and deserve.
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