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Hot Desk Overview

Over the course of the past few years, Hot Desking has grown dramatically and is now regarded as a huge core favourite among businesses and organisations. Hot Desking allows for a much better cost effectiveness, as well as much more flexibility throughout your daily operations.

Hot Desk Overview

With the CAFM Hot Desk you have a very seamless product within CAFM, which gives the user the freedom they need to book online Hot Desks quick and easy, whether it be for a single location or multiple locations. Each and all of these locations then has an area set in the CAFM Geography Tree, when then allows you to quickly and easily select when and where your needs are the most valuable withing your company's estate.

Example of CAFM ERP Process

With this feature you will never double book ever agian, as once an area, room or desk has been booked, it will then been hidden and will then be shown as being booked out within CAFM. All you need to do is to choose exactly what type of area, room or desk you need and any special requirements needed with it, and for just how long it is going to be needed for. It really is as simple as that.
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