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Car reservation software

Car reservation software is a system mainly used by those with a business that have a fleet of cars to rent. That would include rental cars or trucks. The fleet car solutions offer licence checking, setting rates, applying discounts where applicable and the general sale of the rental.

Systems are in place to keep the user of the software legal by checking and referencing the person who would be driving the vehicle. The car reservation software will not continue unless all is in order.

Vehicle reservation booking system

In addition, there is GPS tracking which allows the user to know where that vehicle is going, how many miles were driven, and when it stops, its exact location. This software is very important for any company who is responsible for a large number of vehicles.

There are many benefits to merging car reservation software with ERP. It would allow the user to check the status of their fleet through the use of GPS tracking and fleet management. The user of such a combination would know at all times the status of the drivers licence validity, their location, and which vehicle they are driving.

Vehicle booking software

Combined with ERP there could be graphs and maps illustrating the drivers sustainability as well as how far they are away from their location. This would allow the user to contact the driver if needed, to find out if there were any issues along the way. There would be less room for error on completing tasks and things would be more productive.

Concerning facilities management, with fleet management used in this manner the user would have a better sense of what vehicles are available, who is driving them, how much the costs are and whether they can get a discount for using them. They would know if a driver was late, what route the drive took, and how much time it would be until the driver would arrive. They would know by a licence check if the licence was still valid. All of these points quite valuable when handling a fleet of vehicles.

Vehicle management

One can see that this possible merge of technology would surely be beneficial, especially if the facilities manager were dealing with fleet management and required to have all of these facts in order. It would be an absolute necessity to do so. Legalities would certainly have to be in order on a constant basis, which is what this would provide.

Without such a system in place fleet management may have gaps in knowing the current status of the driver in every way. By way of location, distance and everything concerned. It would be recommended strongly to have such a system in place for without it, serious consequences for facilities management could definitely arise. It is for these reasons that having such a system in place should be a requirement. It only provides benefits for the client using it, and protects the company from serious liability.
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