Communications within CAFM
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Communications within CAFM

One of the most important things about running a successful business is being able to communicate with the right people at the right time within your organisation. With the CAFM Internal Messaging System, you the user have the ability to send and receive messages from other internal users from any of their devices, whether it be a tablet, mobile phone, or your desktop.

It has never been easier to know when another internal user is messaging you through CAFM, as you get a very clear notification about it. The user messaging you will have their online status bar, which is allocated in the left hand panel, showing with the message icon clearly visible, so that you know exactly who it is you are communicating with.

Instant Messaging Built In

The message icon will remain alongside the contact who is messaging you, right up until you click it so that it has been opened and registered as being read. It is very easy to open a received message. All you need to do is double click on the message icon next to the contact, which will then bring up the message tab in the bottom right corner of your CAFM screen.

As well as it being very easy to receive messages with CAFM, it is also just as easy to send them. Sending your internal messages through CAFM is fluent, flawless and saves you plenty of time. All of the contacts that you have can be clearly seen in the left hand panel of your CAFM screen, along with their work status and their availability shown.

CAFM Voice Over IP Call (VOIP)

When you want to send a message to one of you internal users in CAFM, all you have to do is move the cursor over to the contact you wish to message, double click on that contacts name and, as with receiving a message, the message tap will then appear in the bottom rand hand corner of your CAFM screen. After that, click on the message tap and then write your message, sending it by clicking the send button. The internal user you are trying to contact will then receive the message instantly. It really is that simple.

When you select a message tab, it will open instantly and will bring up all and any of the past conversations you have had with that chosen user.

When it comes to viewing your contacts, there are two different ways that you can do this with the CAFM system. You can quick view your contacts or you can view them in a more detailed way.

If you wish to quick view one of your contacts, all you need to do is find the contact you wish to view from the list of the users which are shown in the left hand panel of your CAFM screen. At all times you will be able to see whether a particular contact is offline, busy, or available, all from the left hand panel, as well as seeing if you have got any unread messages or any missed calls from this contact.

If you wish to see more in depth details about your chosen contract, which could be anything including contact information, you then need to go to the main CAFM tab bar, select the contacts tab, and then choose view your contacts. Once in there, you can then see all of your contacts that you have added to your account, and you can then scroll through to find the contact you are after, or you can use the quick search, which can be found at the top of the view contacts tab.

Finally, once you have found the contact you are looking for, you then just have to double click on said contact, which will then open up the contact details tab, allowing you to then access all of the details and information about your chosen contact. It couldn't be easier.
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