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Energy Management

Energy management is something that any self-respecting company irrespective of its size should take seriously, saving energy and using it as effectively as possible is not only good for the environment it saves money too. A combination of green technology software like that provided by ERP:FM and energy saving alternatives could make a notable dent in the amount of energy every company uses. Energy management does not even to take a great deal of effort on the part of management or staff when correct software is implemented.

Energy monitoring in software

Many energy providers these days have energy management software available for their residential and business customers to use in order to provide information about how much energy in been used. That software is either free or part of energy deals already agreed with energy companies. People within businesses with the correct permissions should contact their energy company about using energy management hardware features, which can be plugged directly into ERP:FM.

Companies that we work with that have already utilized the hardware features and plugged into ERPFM have already started to save money, with many being amazed about how much energy was used by leaving machines on standby all day, or by leaving lights on when the office, shop, or factory was closed. Once you start with the implementation process a word of knowledge comes flooding in.

Energy management software package

Energy can be saved before companies even have to buy green technology by taking simple steps. Having the data from energy management software should show the areas that use the most energy, and those might not be the areas with the most machines in them.

Simple changes in routine like turning off lights when rooms are vacant, or closing doors and windows in the winter to keep heat in can save a surprising amount of money. Computers, kettles, heaters, water boilers and printers left on standby are often an unneeded and expensive use of energy. ERP:FM energy management software will tell you where energy is being wasted and switching things off can reduce expenses markedly.

Adopting green technology may save more energy, but closing doors and turning unused things off will save an unbelievable amount of energy in any case.
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