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Interested in viewing our Enterprise Resource Planning Demo?
Every company has different requirements and desires for a system and at ERP FM we have recognized and implemented that fact. Nobody ever deploys a Enterprise Resource Planning system blindly and we understand the importance in meeting and arranging multiple demo's of our product.

Enterprise Resource Planning Video Demo

An enterprise resource planning demo can be complicated and to be successful we move to simplify the process. After determining the needs of the customers, identifying their biggest problems, desires and real requires we move onto selecting the best modules and features of our ERP system and then compile that as a solution to save the customer time and money ready for a demo presentation.

The purpose of using technology is to multiply the output, capacity, speed and accuracy for each employee and as a result giving more time to devote to important projects that require human input.

As follows is an example of what steps we take with our Enterprise Resource Planning demo that will enable you to receive an effective demo from us at ERP FM.

We begin with a summary of the problems we identified with you and the challenges that you face. We then take to our ERP demo and begin highlighting features of our ERP software that can help tackle your current situation. We then, if you require can go into a deeper depth of the main problems and the recommended solutions our system can give you in line with cost break downs if possible.

Demo Demonstration

We then carry over to the central features of the system and concentrate on processes that you have highlighted as important to you.

We carry on through with our ERP Dem, going over each step from opening the program, to loading or inputting the data, to generating the desired output. We can go as far as giving a guided tutorial of what each feature and option performs. The hope at this point of the ERP demo is to open discussion and talk about the steps while giving real examples with live data of how high the performance is within our Enterprise Resource Planning system

Enterprise Resource Planning Demo

With the demo meeting we always endeavor to talk in terms of what the potential customers are trying to achieve and get a confirmation to proceed to the next steps. 

Our ERP demonstrations can last anywhere from 10 minutes upto a whole day depending on the depth you want to go into, and we will have a discussion prior to executing a demonstration with you about what level of the system you would like to see, as you most likely understand, Enterprise Resource Planning is extremely detailed and our system is no exception to that rule with an endless list of features to take advantage of.

Get in touch by either using the provided demo form on this page or contact us at – we look forward to hearing from you!
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