ERP and Business Analysts
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ERP and Business Analysts

A Business Analyst would ultimately be the one that would configure ERP systems, this is how the 'marriage' of ERP systems ultimately take place.

ERP and Business Analysts are hand in hand, as one needs the other in order for ERP to be configured effectively for the business itself. This Business Analyst needs to clearly first understand the perimeters and functions of each individual company, what they require from an ERP system, and then execute the plan effectively.

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This takes knowledge of not only ERP systems, but also comprehensive understanding of the business in which they are helping. The client would not accept anything less than that. Extensive research preformed and carefully considered first before considering a platform for the client. That is in essence the 'marriage' of ERP and Business Analysts. So by that consideration, the work that the Business Analyst should be considered as very careful consideration and thought before formulating a plan for the right ERP system, as each can be differently created.

There are many different companies out there after all, and for that reason, they all have their own specific needs to be addressed. A retail establishment very different from a restaurant; a farm very different from a call center. Understanding this; and understanding how to serve each one in a capacity that is competent.

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This is what a Business Analyst must marry a ERP system to. It is best understood that it does not happen without very careful consideration and thought, before the execution of the plan even takes place. Knowing the environment itself and what its potential needs and problems lie.

All this considered by the Business Analyst. Also knowing how all businesses are similar too, in some capacities. These general similar components merged with the special needs of the client. That is in essence, the marriage of ERP and Business Analysts.
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