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ERP for Small Businesses

Every small business owner should set themselves up for success by putting in place systems that will keep them organized and focused on growing their business.

Large businesses all deploy some form of management system, often they use ERP software to keep their operations running smoothly enabling them to gain an overview and understanding of assets like materials, revenue and staffing.

ERP:FM offers up solutions for small businesses in very cost effective terms, designed so that as your small business grows ERPFM can grow with you by placing our powerful install in your hands in order to keep you ahead of the competition.

ERP for small businesses clocking in and out

What is small business ERP exactly? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a collection of modules binded together and used by large businesses to manage production, keep track of inventory, process orders, and monitor other business activities and resources. All business operations can be tracked through a single interactive database, more recently, a wider variety of easy to use, lower priced software has emerged with technology costs driving down and quality driving upward.

This switch in quality and costing has made ERP titles with providers such as ERP:FM more available for small businesses, and it can be used in many different industries from the service sector to the industrial sector.

No matter your business, ERP is for you

Small and mid-sized enterprises (SME's) can benefit from deploying ERP:FM in their business in many profound ways. First, all departments within the business can have access to the same shared information (with the right permissions). Second, ERP systems provide real-time data which helps business owners and managers make quick decisions when there is a change in the business environment. Third, EPR systems can help a business grow by streamlining its activities so that everybody can focus on the increase in the volume of business.

Enterprise resource planning should be easy to use, there is no benefit to having complex and drawn out systems running, and the small business owner should be able to customize the system to match the needs of the company ... and thats exactly what ERP:FM provide. Our system is provided with a helpful support service, mandatory upgrades, and it must have a number of security features to help you feel secure in your business. Small business owners need to make an investment in an ERP system as it will pay dividends for them now and in the future.
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