Floor Plans in CAFM Hot Desk
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Floor Plans in CAFM Hot Desk

In your business you are always going to want to know exactly where meets your requirements and the best way for you to do this is with an accurate floor plan, making things much clearer. Here at CAFM we have made this an important feature and a key for a more productive Hot Desk system.

Floor plans

When it comes to the building of your estate and your actual buildings, you will be given the option to then upload all of your floor plans, along with any desk placements and the room layout as a whole. Once you have completed your floor plans in the CAFM Hot Desk, you can then upload them in a PDF format.

Floor Plans operations

The key point of using the floor plan within the CAFM hot desk, is the fact that it makes it quick and easy for you, the user, to see exactly where on the floor plan that a specific area, room, or desk is set. It is a great and simple feature which will surely make your life easier.
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