FM Geography Tree
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FM Geography Tree

While some of you will be familiar with what a geography tree is, there will be plenty of you who are not so clear on what it actually is. Here at CAFM, the geography tree is a fantastic feature within the system which gives the users the ability to create and develop their estate geography within the actual system itself.

Geography Tree

Once in the geography tree, you the user will then have the ability to add your business states, while also being able to build the estates, as well as allocating the relative required assets to them.

We are proud to say that the CAFM geography tree is a very fast and clear feature, which is also very easy for you to manage and keep on top of. The geography tree features a set of icons which represent your building, are and asset, which means that you will never again make the mistake of duplicating the wrong field in the wrong area.

Geography Management

The CAFM geography tree is a feature that comes included as part of the package of any system product purchased. It is a key feature to help any business owner to gain accurate and intelligent data ongoing within their business.
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