Fuel Management for your Fleet
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Fuel Management for your Fleet

For businesses that have to transport their goods to where they are needed using fuel management software could prove to be really useful. This will especially be the case if a company has to operate a fleet of vehicles in the process of making sure their business operations are successfully completed upon a daily basis.

Utilizing good route planning is key for fuel savings

When CAFM?s fleet management component is enabled you will markedly reduce fuel costs, and therefore improve profits. Fuel costs can be something that bus companies, couriers, haulage companies, and home delivery service providers could find crippling, or at a major hindrance to becoming profitable.

CAFM Fleet management and fuel management go hand in hand within your installation, the fleet management component can be used to plan driving and delivery routes to make the best use out of fuel levels. For instance, deliveries can be arranged so that each driver is covering a particular area and the route planned so that the least amount of distance needs to be covered whilst all the tasks have been completed. Planning routes after consulting the fuel management function in line with route planning is great for reducing the amount of driving that needs to be done, and the distances that have to be covered.

Route Management software

The careful planning of routes prior to beginning a journey can also aid fuel management as there is a lower risk of field workers getting lost and every business knows who heavily relies on route planning that driving around when lost uses up fuel, adds to overheads and reduces performance when it all could of been avoided by knowing exact co-ordinations before setting off.

Fleet management and fuel management software features route finders and can also be linked to the satellite navigation systems fitted in the vehicles used by the companies. Drivers can discuss their routes with managers and together they can evaluate any information provided by the system when drawing up the shortest journeys during any planning meetings and discussions. The objective and outcomes are both clear, by enabling and implementing CAFM fleet management into your business you will save time as well as fuel and money.
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