Hospitality Industry
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Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry can be defined as a category of fields within service industry which include event planning, lodging, transportation and also additional fields in the tourism industry. The industry mainly depends on availability of leisure time and disposable income and is focused on customer satisfaction and meeting leisure needs rather than basic needs as most of other industries do.

The industry's backbone encompasses customer service (CRM), which is a concept shared by all the segments of the industry with three major categories within which are food and beverage, accommodations and lastly travel and tourism. It's no secret that food and beverage reigns supreme as it is the largest element of the industry and it takes the form of catering establishments, fast-foods eateries and also restaurants among others where CAFM EPOS (Point-of-sale) systems is active.

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Accommodations include hotels, bed and breakfast enterprises as well as other places offering lodging services. Therefore, comfort, efficiency and attentive customer care and service should be upheld as the foundation, this is where we utilize CAFM Room Booking and also CAFM Hotel Channel Manager.

Travel and tourism is the other principal segment of the hospitality business, it includes airlines, ships, trains among others. Vacationers and business travelers form the basis of this segment.

Facility management is devoted to coordination of people and also space, often associated with administration for example of hotels, in the hospitality industry. Therefore, it is important to be incorporated in the hospitality industry or business as it important in renovating processes in the industry. However, there are some owners and operators of the businesses who do not value the importance of facility management as a tool in the business. The challenge for hotel managers for instance is how to utilize the discipline of the facility management approach to renovation projects without adding a layer of administration.

CAFM can increase your turnover and perspective of your business

Professional facility management service is important for the various reasons which include; to recover from natural disasters such as earth quakes, to cope with governmental requirements, to comply with new trends and technology in the markets, to upgrade the business to a higher category for example a four-star hotel to a five-star, to maintain corporate standards and image, to improve operation efficiency so as to increase productivity, to increase or maintain market share by satisfying customers and also to keep up with competition among other advantages.

Increased turnover can be achieved through enhanced customer service and also optimizing sales opportunities. There are several ways of increasing turnover which include, being aggressive with sales, understanding customer base, topping up customer service levels, offering special promotions and discounts, eliminating competition as well as using incentives. Hence turn over will be increased with this simple steps therefore the business owner will have a firm grip on the costs, thats where CAFM enters once again.

Turnover can be increased by use of CAFM software.

By utilizing CAFM you can increase turnover in the hospitality industry in various ways; with the increased profit software, it is possible to increase sales and profits within a short period after purchasing it. With the software there is no need of an accountant or an expert to use the software. Using this software ensures there is efficiency in services offered. It is also a price sensitivity tool. Business owner is able to see follow up and account for all progress at the end of the day when using a turnover software. The turnover software shows how sensitive the business is to price increase. This help the business owner to be able to see the financial trends within the business.
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