How can NFC benefit my business?
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How can NFC benefit my business?

Communications is a vital aspect of a successful business, and a beneficial way to achieve the best communication possible is to use near field communication technology, or NFC. CAFM NFC is a contactless communication between devices such as smartphones or tablets. Electromagnetic radio fields are used to connect devices without having to touch the device itself, and this send and shares information easily.

NFC Swipe Door

When provided access to an NFC tag, customers can wave their device over a display, or bump phone, and information is automatically sent to their device. NFC allows a device to create a radio frequency that can communicate with other NFC compatible devices. Further, NFC active devices can send and receive information, spreading information at an even quicker rate. Many devices are already NFC compatible because it work with Bluetooth and other sensory tools. If you though the spread of information was quick before, now it will be instantaneous.

It is not hard to see how using NFC would benefit a business. First, a business can help customers receive information easier. A business can create an NFC tag, and place it on posters, displays, inside and outside the storefront or office. This tag can be filled with all of the information a customer needs. it can lead straight to a business' website. Further, this is the same technology that allows customers to pay via their ApplePay. Just waving a smartphone over the cashier will may paying quick and easy.

NFC contactless payment

NFC technology is beneficial within a business as well. It can provide better staff and employee communication, meaning they can check in wherever they are, and keep a store operating smoothly. This also allows for real time updates, instantly providing relevant information, keeping you informed. This can also be used a key to unlock the door to the office, keeping everything safe and secure.

Whether a large or small business, CAFM NFC technology can improve efficiency. Consider take a step into the future of business and applying NFC technology in your business.
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