I need more internal storage space?
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I need more internal storage space?

As is the case with everything, you need to check the details of the package you choose carefully, as each package offers you different benefits. It all depends on which of the packages you chose when you first signed up with CAFM, as you will then have a fixed amount of internal server storage space available, which was all included in with the cost.

Not to worry though. If you do find that you are in need of more internal storage space, it is very quick and easy to get some. We at CAFM understand that work loads will begin to get greater and the business will begin to grow, which is why we have decided not to put a restriction on the amount of internal storage space you can access, just because of the package you selected.

More Storage Space

With CAFM, you have the ability to add the amount of new server storage space you so desire, quickly and easily in a matter of minutes, all from you business account with Cafm.co. All you need to do is choose the required amount of new storage space you need, click "Okay" and it is there for you.

The cost of this new extra storage space is all dependent on the actual amount of storage space you need. There are a few different ways you can go about this. At CAFM, you are not limited to just a single extra purchase of more storage space, so decide whether you would like to buy extra storage space in bulk, or if you just want to gradually top up as your business grows.
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