Job role of the Facility Manager
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Job role of the Facility Manager

Let's take this opportunity to discuss the role of the facilities manager involves a selection of different responsibilities and this includes the management of different services and a selection of processes that will be in line with the business that the facilities manager is working for. The main responsibility is to make sure that the organization is working in terms of its environment so that the employees can carry out activities without being harmed.

The general day-to-day focus of a facilities manager will be on the identification and improvement of efficiency within the organization by focusing on operating costs, with an aim to reduce these whilst improving the level of productivity within the business. Below there is also a selection of other responsibilities that will need to be carried out and this will include cleaning, checking for health and safety, checking for security, checking on building and maintenance within the grounds, as well as management of the overall business space.

Facilities Management Work Load

The facilities manager will be employed in many different sectors and will have a diverse range of jobs that need to be carried out. Job titles within that of the facilities manager can range from technical services, through to property managing and example operations.

This is a list of the selection of tasks that may be included in the role of a CAFM facilities manager.

- Preparation of documents involved and this will be for tenders that will be required for contractors.
- Supervising and coordination that will be needed when working with contractors,
- The need to be the investigation of availability, as well as suitability of options if new premises are required for a business.
- A requirement compare and calculate costs that may be required for services and goods sellers to manage money and gain value.
- Future development planning required with business objectives that are strategic.
- Coordination and directing, as well as a range of planning skills needed in areas of service, such as the reception, as well as the security and maintenance.
- Involvemnet in areas of the business such as catering, cleaning, waste disposal, as well as recycling within the business.

Facility Management Job Roles

There will be a focus on the health and safety within the building where the business is taking place and this will be focused on keeping the staff that are working on the business safe whilst they are on the premises. The facilities manager will also need to respond to any emergencies that may take place and this is important as there may be serious issues involved if the urgent emergency is not seen to.

A facilities manager will need to work for roughly 40 to 50 hours a week and this time of work may be extended on certain occasions when deadlines need to be completed. There is a variety of different types of shift work that will be needed so as to cover operations that work in 24 hours shifts.
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