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Kitchen Operations

Catering companies that run their own kitchen operations would certainly discover that they would find it an advantage if they started to use CAFM and utilized its asset and stock management components. Companies that know what they use on a daily basis to the maximum level of efficiency as well as productivity have a competitive edge over rivals that lack that information. Kitchen operations that lack knowledge of what they use can solve that problem simply enough by obtaining software that ensures their own restaurant obtains fully automated stock control.

Kitchen operations improves performance with a kitchen monitor

After all restaurant kitchens, even relatively small ones can use a high volume of stock and supplies on a daily basis. Asset and stock control software could identify if any of those stocks and supplies are either been wasted or not been put to the most effective uses they could be. Cutting out waste should obviously reduce operational costs. Therefore, even if sales stay at the same level profits will increase.

Most restaurant kitchen companies that are not well known or have a reputation for excellent food find it difficult to make profits on a regular basis. This can especially be the case when they do not know how much of their supplies are been used, and how much would be the optimum amount to use. Keeping a tighter control over all the ingredients used would mean that supplies, which are used more could be ordered in larger amounts, and those used less often could be ordered in smaller quantities.

You can utilize CAFM Point of sale to increase functioning

CAFM asset management software could also provide information about usage of different food categories served by the kitchen, and which ones are not ordered as often. Restaurant kitchens could consider changing the menu if they are not part of a themed chain or franchise, which would simplify the supplies that they have to order and then use in meals and drinks. Then they could concentrate on selling the most popular items to maximize income. They would need to make sure that they only prepare meals, snacks, and drinks with the exact amount of supplies needed to avoid waste and the needless use of extra ingredients, whilst making sure things taste at their best.

Therefore, having asset management software allows restaurant kitchens to keep track of all the supplies brought in as new and those used on a daily basis. Logs and invoices could be linked with the software to know exactly what stock is ordered in every day, and then used for the preparation of food and drink. Plus, by enabling CAFM Point-of-sale functions further insight into exactly what is sold and what things sell the best, its basically endless in the possibilities that can arise from enabling each and every component for your restaurant business.
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