NFC membership cards
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NFC membership cards

NFC membership cards are something that companies can find really useful things to have, not only do they make your customers feel more in touch but they also act as way to better track and identify customers on point of contact. With ERP FM we offer NFC packages that are handy for companies to use as their own membership card routines in line with 'ERP Contacts'. By utilizing the NFC Membership Card functionality inside ERPFM, companies can offer their customers members schemes as means of offering extra services as well as more incentives to buy their goods or upgrade the service's provided to them.

NFC Membership cards

Companies offer membership cards for a variety of reasons to customers that benefit both companies and customers, there is an obvious cost association to having membership cards but the means in which you lift your companies perspective to the end user is immensely worthwhile. Customers that sign up to membership schemes are providing extra information to companies that can make their marketing strategies more effective as they know more about their customers likes and favorite things available from that particular company.

Information is something that can prove priceless to the companies that have it, especially if their rivals aren't utilizing such schemes. NFC systems and the cards linked to them are great for the gathering and sharing of information that companies can tailor to suit their own marketing needs and to know exactly what each customer buys most frequently. Companies can then offer these customers special discounts and savings on the items they buy most. The companies gain from increased sales and their customers benefit from saving money on the things they spend most of their cash on.

NFC membership system with RFID

Membership cards often make customers feel a stronger sense of loyalty to companies and if these companies are linked to the ERP FM NFC system they do not have to set up their own software to run their membership scheme. Companies might as well use the NFC technology to save paying for something that will be similar in concept with less functions. By using the ERP NFC components you have an all in one place where you can access the information from anywhere in the world at any time.
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