Payroll management and ERP
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Payroll management and ERP

Having a good payroll system integrated into enterprise resource planning or ERP systems is essential for any business. It should include features such as the ability to calculate the paying wages, as well as any tax deductions. It should be able to show statistics of each calculation and how it arrived at that total. If there are contracts, they should be easily accessed to complete. Reports to tax agencies should also be easily attainable.

The system should also be able to calculate holidays as well. It is preferable to have all this information compiled in such a way that it is in one central place easily referred to when needed. All companies need this type of accuracy to succeed, from small business, to multinational.

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In a company, finance is generally the end user of a good payroll system. The objectives of a finance department when using payroll software is to make sure that all the ?bases? are covered. This means that payment to all the employees of a company is done accurately. Hours that an employee works must be all accounted for and no errors should be made. Doing so can make a company look unprofessional. Most employees will notice if there are discretion's on their pay, and will almost always report back to the company to get reimbursed.

However, having such a thing occur in the first place is not acceptable. This is why any business that wants to maintain a good image needs to have good payroll software. In combination with this and a watchful eye from management will ensure success in this. It is a common problem with companies that needs to be addressed. These occurrences should be minimized wherever possible; every company that wants a good reputation should strive for an accurate payroll system integrated into ERP. Especially multinational companies.

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Proper systems for them are most essential, as they have a great deal at stake. The last thing they should do is accept anything less than perfection in payroll software. How would it look if a multinational company did not integrate accuracy into their ERP platform? Surely the word would spread, and it would not take long before they would be known as not having a proper way of dealing with such matters. The results of this could be catastrophic, which is why a good payroll system is so valuable.

Just as important as accuracy, is the ability to attain proper payroll documents when needed. The system should be easy for any person to use so that it can be easily transferable from one individual to another. Just as finance has access to employees information, employees themselves should be able to retrieve their documents when they need them. With paper documentation becoming obsolete, The payroll software should allow for electronic access within the ERP system. This should be a standard for any large business to integrate into their platforms.

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Statistical documents should be readily available as well in real time for management to view. It is essential that these things are not only readily available, but easily done so as well. Any person with a general knowledge of computers should be able to do it without problems. It should not be a convoluted system where one needs to be highly specialized to use it. This only creates headaches for the company that chooses to opt for such a system.

The end results of doing so are less than favorable. The solution to that is to just keep it simple. The interface should be easy to read; touch screens could also be an option to move in the system from one subject in the application to another. This allows for a user friendly payroll software system that is easy for anyone to understand.

By considering all these ideas that a payroll system should have, it would be much preferable to having a complex system that is ultimately outdated and not easily used by everyone who need it. With technology changing, so too should the payroll software in ERP systems. Accuracy is key, but also simplicity. Having this will provide many benefits that all companies will see, large and small; as long as it is the right payroll software it will succeed
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