Server Security Approach
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Server Security Approach

This is fast becoming the 'age of the hack' as more businesses find themselves vulnerable. Ranging from simple hackers to innovative hacktivists, even foreign espionage, the internet feels under siege like never before. Neglecting server security within this environment could have dire consequences.

Server security should take a balanced, comprehensive approach, because regardless of the server software and operating system, an 'out of box' configuration is insecure. Although configurations vary (due mainly to environments or specific use) there are general steps that can be taken to ensure basic security.

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With CAFM we take care of all of your server requirements and project you behind multiple layers of server security, we utilize the leading technology in Cloudflare which makes the locating of the server almost impossible. Under no circumstances will you have to take care of your own servers as we at CAFM insist we oversee all that to guarantee 99.99% uptime.

Outlined below is a punch-list of some of the routines we follow at CAFM in making sure your server is secure.

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Remove Unnecessary Services

We review and disable any services running on the host that are not required.

Remote Access

Server Administrators should login locally when practical with root login being disabled.

Separate Production Environment

Development of web applications is carried out on isolated servers, and never use or connect to 'live' data and databases.

Web Application Content

Files are located on a separate drive (or partition).

Permissions, Privileges and User Accounts

Some things you as a user have to take care of when using your CAFM installation. Assign minimum privileges to anonymous users and unused default accounts should be disabled

Installation of Security Patches On Time

We install the latest security patches ongoing to make sure your server is safe.

Monitor and Audit the Server

All network services logs, access logs, database server logs and operating system logs are monitored 24/7 from a mission center within CAFM to make sure that every system is running with no issues.

Firewall Considerations

All servers make use of the built-in firewall, regardless of the CAFM firewall that is controlled by the user, the hosts internal software firewall will always be enabled to ward of bad players.

With CAFM we take away the cost and problems related to server security by monitoring, upgrading and overseeing your server that comes as default in the location you request with your CAFM Installation.
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