Staff and Fleet Tracking
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Staff and Fleet Tracking

In order for your business or company to thrive, you need to have a talented and motivated team of employees. They are the foundation of your business hence have a great deal of responsibility. It is therefore very important to track your staff's productivity; in which case it means working with them in order to maintain high productivity. The companies that work with CAFM who have installed our GPS fleet management system are enjoying its fruits with increase visability of assets 24 hours a day.

The easiest way of introducing the system to your employees is by communicating to them and making it clear that GPS tracking is a win-win deal; this means that it has a number of benefits both to employers and the employee if correctly implemented.

GPS Tracking Logos

Benefits to the employer / the company

Tracking your staff helps you to get feedback from your employees and this is always beneficial to the business as a whole. It will help you to improve on your policy framework and provide solutions to problems that employees face at work hence efficiency. Tracking increases productivity since employees will know where they stand and you and your managers will understand the daily routines of the workforce better. This will ensure you and your employees have a common goal and it will increase performance.
The GPS tracking system will ensure increased profits for your company. This is due to monitoring hence better maintenance programs which leads to high-profit margin.

Benefits to the employee

Tracking will make employees more involved and hence more responsible and they will put more effort on the areas of their work that needs improvement. Though performance tracking, employees will gain more confidence and be able to air out their concerns and problems and the end result is high productivity.

GPS Tracking with CAFM

More so, GPS tracking can help protect employees against false claims and confusion when coupled with CAFM task management component. This is because the system provides accurate data showing when and where each vehicle has traveled and for what purpose, they can clear your employee against liability in cases where they are being framed for causing an accident and the GPS shows that the vehicle he was driving was nowhere close to where the accident occurred. Driver safety is also increased by use of GPS tracking system; this is because speed is monitored hence the incidences of crashes due to over speeding will reduce to a great extent.

Remember, it takes many years to build a business and only a minute to destroy it, we live in a competitive world where you definitely cannot afford to make mistakes. It is thus in your best interest to have control over your business operation in order to survive the competition.
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