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Manage all your planned and reactive tasks from ERP:FM. Excel in business efficiency and compliance while managing all In house staff and service partners.
No additional costs for servers or software addons are required, with all components being inclusive with ERP:FM
Planned Maintenance
We provide highly professional facilities services for Planned Maintenance. We have a proven track record for providing cost effective comprehensive delivery with unparalleled focus on customer service.
Enhance your facilities management service line, deliver intellect, costs and best practice while ensuring service line enhancements, compliance and environmental assurance.
Reactive Maintenance
Create and maintain a sustainable and effective workplace while dealing with Reactive maintenance works. We understand the importance of budget controls and restraints, compliance and specific client culture
Save valuable time and man power with ERP reactive maintenance module. Improve your investment by brining man power back into your core business.
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Estate Asset Management
Providing intellect and vision on all of your businesses assets, in house and customer based.
Create Customers
Add customers and track all business activities and project relevant activates
Create Building Geography
Create detailed geography layouts of all you building within your business estates easily & quick
Create Estates & Buildings
Create client estates and add buildings easily, while gaining pin point accuracy with maps
Create Assests
Create individual assets and assign them to specific building areas to gain full estate vision & intellect
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Strategic Benefits with ERP
Affordable flexible payment structures, scalability and lower IT costs, allowing you to focus technology budgets on competitive advantage rather than infrastructure
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Enhancing Compliance Levels
Always comply with ERP task management
Document Upload
Upload vital and works related documents to specific tasks
Recurring Task Events
Never miss business critical planned tasks with ERP:FM
With our enterprise resource planning task manager, you have the flexibility to set up all tasks, planned or reactive with compliance settings, and levels of priority to each individual job.

Ensure that all compliance related to specific works are always met and complied with. Setting up Compliance, H&S or priority levels are simple and easy, all from the current task tab.
Tailor ERP:FM for you
We pride ourselves on delivering the right solution for your business whether that is just a quotation system to a full business package, tailored to your requirements
Assign task events to your work force
In any ERP:FM system, when you have created a planned maintenance task or reactive maintenance task, you have the option to assign the specific works to a selected individual, multiple employees or a department within your business.

The selected assigned persons will revive the works in there ERP works planner, and you can track the Tasks progress from start to completion.

In your ERP:FM system you can also select to assign a job to a external supplier who does not have access to your CAFM system. The external supplier will revive the works by email with external links to the works summary, allowing you to still monitor the jobs progression at hand.
Assign task events to your work force