The Advantages of Point-of-sale
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The Advantages of Point-of-sale

Point of Sale (POS) and Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) are systems that record data on all the items that a company has in stock, where that stock should be located, and the volume of each stock item that is sold. The data provided by pos and epos does provide advantages for management teams in companies that can boost effectiveness and profit margins if the information is used wisely. So here are the advantages of using point of sale system.

Point-of-sale system

Having a point of sale system with CAFM gives management the advantage of how stock they have, and where it is supposed to be on a daily basis. Providing items with barcodes are scanned whenever they are moved within the company and when they are sold it is possible to know how many items have sold and which ones remain in the store unsold.

A key advantage offered by POS is that companies are able to know which of their products sell the best, and the prices that items are most likely to sell at. Managers can then plan to increase stocks of the bestselling products and reduce stocks of less popular items or even discontinue their sale by the company. Companies that use the data from CAFM's EPOS are far more likely to maximize their sales potential than those that do not.


Using point-of-sale gives the precious advantage of been able to properly organize promotions both in store and online. With managers knowing their best selling products and the best offer prices highly effective promotions can take place and boost company profits. Promotions can also have altered from store to store, to take into account the fact that customers in one part of the country can have different tastes or needs than in another part of the country.
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