The Future of HTML5
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The Future of HTML5

There is an increase in the use of mobile devices although each runs a different operating system and has a different hardware set-up. HTML5 however provides a way out for all this hardware and enables development of one solution for all platforms.

HTML5 makes use of business intelligence, social engagement, gaming, trading and entertainment. The market share for HTML5 is growing because of its benefits. It is a must-use technology for the future.

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HTML5 is more productive because of its improved semantics. It easily classifies different parts of a Web page. In addition, HTML5 enables offline capabilities. This means that Web application continue to function even when there is no internet connection. HTML5 is able to create a situation that is usable regardless of internet connection. The user can also save information offline.
In addition, HTML5 enables storage of user data on client devices for immediate upload to the server. This helps the Web app to function while offline and improves its performance.

Another reason why HTML5 is the future of the Web (and CAFM) is its connectivity. It enhances real time games and chats. It is also behind improved communication among individuals. It further facilitates video conferencing using a browser.
HTML5 integrates audio and video files into the browser without need for Flash or Silverlight. It implements videos and runs them smoothly. It creates a wonderful and fast browsing experience. HTML5 currently supports animations and visual effects. It has new tags such as canvas for developers to produce effects such of those of Flash. It comes with inventive features that support graphics on the Web such as WebGL and 2D Canvas.

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It makes the applications fast and robust to enable multi-threading on the browser. It is ideal for developing mobile sites and apps. Mobile browsers have also taken-up HTML5 for creating mobile projects. Moreover, HTML5 supports push notifications that are real-time. It provides instantaneous information to inform users about current happenings. It is also a great way of interaction among friends on Web apps.

Additionally, HTML5 has cool features such as geolocation which provides location information. HTML5 further supports Voice over IP and the use of the camera for video conferencing. It does not require external plugins to achieve this. A user can therefore engage in video and voice chat over the Web browser.

HTML5 is certainly the future of the Web, and more than 60 percent of the developers are using it to create apps. Its preference is growing as Web technologies advance. It will soon overshadow the development of native apps. HTML5 is a way to work smart and develops aps that work across different mobile platforms. It should work on any HTML5-compliant Web browser regardless of the hardware.
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