The Importance of Website Speed
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The Importance of Website Speed

When it comes to running a business with an online website system it is important for that system to be as fast as possible. In fact, it goes without saying that response time for any business system is a make or break component.

If there is one thing that users always point out, it is that is very frustrating trying to access an unresponsive or slowed system while in the middle of a heavy work load. CAFM provides it's system solely in the cloud so that no desktop installation is required, with this obviously comes the trade off in responsiveness which we have addressed with though and innovation.

Importance of website speed

Your CAFM installation needs to be handled in a way that allows even users with a slow connection to be able to access it in a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise, you run the risk of potentially frustrating internal and external users who you allow access to the system. As a business, we know that its important to you to have the best speeds possible.

Every single CAFM installation is placed as close as possible to your physical location so the speeds you experience are under 100ms response time for tasks. That coupled with our unique heartbeat connection we enable the system to keep you constantly updated on constant events, no more refreshes required.

Site Speed Profiling

With CAFM we have tested every single component to make sure that every single button press results into an almost instant return of data, so that your users become unaware that this is a strictly online system.
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