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VoIP Explained

VoIP systems are a means of having telephone services in an office or retail unit without having to have traditional telephone handsets installed. There are reduced costs for companies that replace traditional telephone systems with a VoIP system even when the price of introducing the new system is taken into account. When the reduced costs and other advantages are considered it is no wonder that many companies have decided to phase out their traditional telephone systems and replace them with a VoIP system instead.

VOIP call with HTML5

Companies are primarily switching to VoIP systems as it will save them money and reduce their operating costs with traditional telephone systems relying on phone lines which places constraints and additional costs it?s not hard to show the immediate advantages of VoIP. Using traditional telephone services is more expensive than using a VoIP system instead, due to line rental charges and higher call costs, traditional telephone services while attempting to catch up still haven?t been able to align their costs with purely online based systems.

Phone calls made during peak times or internationally can cost companies a lot more money than they would ideally like to pay. On the other hand, VoIP calls are either free of any cost or cost no extra than companies are already paying for their internet connection and services. So switching instantly saves costs as telephone charges are avoided. Although companies have to pay for the headsets to use the new system that money is easily recuperated from no telephone call charges, and in some scenarios existing telephone hardware can be directly switched to VoIP.

All a company needs to start saving costs are desktop computers or laptops, which the VoIP headsets can be connected to. As most companies already have computers and internet access the extra cost linked to switching systems is that for the headsets. Costs will be saved every time a call is made, especially international calls. Just think of the space that will be saved as well.

Settings in browser for microphone and video

With CAFM we have a built in, user to user, FREE of any charge VoIP system that works while you?re in your CAFM installation, with added ability to call landlines where a small cost applies. All these features are totally optional but that coupled with video conference components inside CAFM we are able to help you bridge the communication issues you may be having internally while taking your costs related to that to zero.
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