Warehouse facilities management
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Warehouse facilities management

Warehouses are utilized to store a large quantities of product. What the product or products are could be anything. It depends on the warehouse, and the purposes in which they need to store a large amount of items.

Many companies will utilize warehouses to store products that they cannot keep in their own physical space. In any warehouse however, there are always things in which to deal with in the area of facilities management. Warehouse are generally quite large with high ceilings. This is to allow for very large items to be contained within the facility.

There is also a great deal of work that is usually going on within the warehouse. There are employees working, arranging the products, organizing them so that they may be easily located when needed. Warehouse management generally oversees all these activities. To assist in all these matters, facilities management software can help tremendously.

To start, ERP systems can implement stock management. All items stored can be tracked by way of the ERP systems in place. When an item needs to be located, the worker may then easily find it by doing either a search or scan of the product they are looking for. All of this can be organized in a way for any worker to easily find what they are looking for. Alphabetized lists can assist greatly, along with categorization. So if the company was looking for a product with the letter starting with 'A' for example, they could find it easily by typing 'A'.

Immediately, all products associated with that letter would come up. Or, category would also help. So if there were items for certain use or purpose, they could all be grouped together in one location. Warehouse management could take the ERP system with them on the go, so if they had an important client that needed to know where their products are at a moments notice, warehouse management could inform them if needed.

This is how ERP would greatly assist the warehouse. In addition, any mechanical issues could be closely monitored as well. Sometimes, a warehouse will have items that need to be kept in certain temperatures in order to preserve or just keep them in tact. ERP can closely monitor such things and adjustments can be done where needed. Maintenance would automatically be called in if there are any issues concerning the facilities.

By utilizing facilities management ERP systems in this way, a warehouse would be well equipped to know not only all the items they had inside, but also be able to preserve and keep them safe from harm or destruction. All aspects of the building carefully monitored in real time.

Statistical data would show if there were any issues as well. If the warehouse needed to reorganize a certain section, it would be clearly seen by warehouse management, who could then execute a plan to do so. These are all the potentials that an ERP system has within a warehouse.
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