What does a Cloud Computing Provider do?
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What does a Cloud Computing Provider do?

Cloud Computing is a trend that is slowly gaining popularity. When personal computers first came out In the 70's, users relied on different companies for certain data processing. These companies were totally different from the PC manufacturers, most times and they came with their own charges.

Over the years, PC users can easily run these data processing processes through a do-it-yourself system; however, there is the fast growing option which is a hint of this earlier act of providing computer processing services individually. Companies have realized the benefits of providing such services to Computer users, and are taking no chances with it.

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the process by which certain data processes are provided to you by another company, through the internet. What this means is that all your hardware and software, instead of being in the computer, or in the computers network, it is provided via internet by a company who charges for the provision. This idea could be as simple as making a Google search, preparing a document online to using complicated software on the internet. Cloud computing is a vague concept.

These companies that provide the Cloud computing services are mainly called Cloud Computing Providers. Cloud Computing Providers either provide cloud computing service either as infrastructure (IaaS), or as software (SaaS), or as a Platform (PaaS).

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Cloud Hosting

From our discussion, we realize that cloud service providers would basically need to own websites. Rather than using the web hosting concepts that most websites use, Cloud computing providers make use of cloud hosting which involves the use of virtual servers.

These servers could actually be a computer or they could be part of a big machine, either way, the resources that are required in maintaining your website are scattered over more than one server and are rendered as you need the services.

Unlike VPN which is also a way to connecting to data, Cloud Connection is more advanced and you are connecting directly to the server, rather than to a private network. This means that, although Cloud computing is harder to maintain, it is more effective and reliable.
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