What is a regular access account in ERP FM?
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What is a regular access account in ERP FM?

With ERPFM we offer two forms of licensing options that work together within our system to make it simple for your organization that requires ERP to be able to transparently select their billing modules.

1. Full Administration License (With the option to restrict said admin license)
2. Regular Access

This article will concentrate on 'Regular Access' and what is on offer with the regular access license in our Enterprise Resource Planning product. When a contact is given a regular access account by you via your account manager in ERP FM, they will in basic form have a reactive account which means whether it be a supplier, customer or employee they can respond to all created tasks, scheduling, billing and working variables. The regular account is essential when it comes to getting your field workers and suppliers up and running so that they can review all of their assigned tasks within ERP FM.

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Quite often what happens with our billing cycle is you will pay more for full administration ERP licenses which enable your staff who require more control over the system to do their work and create tasks, manage contacts, customers, human resources, sales, purchases, inventory, reports and the launching of any terminals that may exist within your ERP installation.

The whole purpose of 'Regular Access' being birthed into our system was so that companies didn't end up paying extortionate costs for licenses for simple reactive accounts that re the life blood of the system, ERP FM works amazingly well because it doesn't penalize its business owners with ridiculously overblown charges for licenses for accounts that are intended for use by field workers who need to update and record their day to day operations.

ERP Access Screen

You will find that regular access often includes (but not limited to) the following options:

- Task access
- Contacts schedule
- Accepting and Rejecting of tasks
- Responding to information requests
- Updating the company
- General form submission protocol
- Invoicing and payment options

Every ERP FM installation is different but the before mentioned is the general rule of thumb for our regular access account, with these options available for your employees, customers and suppliers they are able to interact with your system without you paying the price for that vital component.
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