What you need to know about e-Parking
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What you need to know about e-Parking

E-parking is an electronic parking system which uses wireless network to help drivers and customers find an easy and quick space to park their vehicles. It is designed to control traffic flow by helping visitors find parking much quickly.

E-parking system uses available parking garages to assist customers coming to shop, eat or do any form of commercial purpose get a short-term parking space available in off-street parking garages.

e-Parking software erp fm

Benefits of E-parking systevm

E-parking is the best quality and most effective parking system in utilization of parking spaces. It helps drivers gain convenient access to a parking space with ease.

How Does E-Parking Work?

E-parking works through signs, it displays signs to drivers in order to guide them parking information, on the garages that have available spaces. There are different signs which convey different information, way finding sign confirms that the customer or driver is on the right path.

The purpose of the E-park Signs

The E-park signs are basically designed to help drivers in locating available parking space, this however, will enable them in planning their journey ahead of time online.

Best Ways to Use E-Parking Systems

Basically, there are two key ways to use e-park. As a driver, the first way to use this system is planning ahead and go online to find where to park. This will serve you from curiosity. Therefore, it is generally advisable that drivers stick to this approach in order to avoid disappointments.

e-Parking system erp fm

However, drivers who can?t plan their trip online can also follow the e-park signs which are usually at major routes to get closer to the garage, while approaching the garage; additional signs which will list the garage names and exact number of spaces available will be seen. With these signs, drivers usually find parking very easy and quick.

Also, it is important to note that the e-parking system is designed for only short term parking, i.e. drivers or customers using the parking space for not more than 4 hours.

So with E-parking systems like that which ERP:FM offer, a driver or customer would not need to drive around in search of a parking space, the e-parking system which uses a software provides him/her with quick information on where to park.
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