HTML5 Push Notifications
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HTML5 Push Notifications

Customers these days prefer to shop online and that's usually via a 3G/4G service that allows them to shop via apps on their smartphones and tablets.

Now customers have often found it was easier and faster to buy things via apps than websites given the way Apple and Android have designed their respective operating systems. However recent changes to HTML5 have made it more straightforward for websites to use push notifications in the same ways that apps do meaning these improvement to HTML5 has advantages for businesses and customers alike.

HTML5 Push Notifications for Android

It is certainly an advantage for companies that using HTML5 now gives the ability to utilize push notifications in a very similar way to the ways that native apps can be used. Before this was the case the companies that had websites yet did not apps would lose custom to their rivals that did have apps readily available in the app store. While some customers can only get online with their smartphones and tablets and therefore had to buy things through apps instead of regular websites. Although some tablets do give access to websites it is not always as fully functional as it would be on a laptop or a desktop computer.

Push Notifications for the Desktop in HTML5

The improvements to HTML5 mean that it is now possible to have push notifications that to all intents and purposes work in the same way on a website as on an App. It means that customers that are online with a smartphone or tablet will find it easier to buy items from your website as they would from your apps. Companies that did not have Apps now have lower risks of missing out on sales to their rivals that do have apps.

With ERP FM we utilize the Push Notification that works on both Android and Apple iOS operating systems, the increased coverage that the push notification allows is priceless in keeping users up to date with changes happening to tasks relative to them
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